Green Roof Maintenance & Construction

We have built outdoor green spaces large and small.  From small spaces for employees to have lunch or take a health break in a calm and rejuvenating environment to full size parkettes in the heart of the City, to green rooftops . . . all designed to help Mother Nature calm the soul.

They say first impressions are important.

Your clients will see the outside of your corporate space before they get to see the inside.

Let us help you impress your clients!

Floral Design, Installation and Maintenance

Everyone loves flowers!  Whether they are annual or perennial, they will liven up your outdoor space, making it warm and inviting!

We have managed some very large and intricately designed floral beds.  Beds that become tourist attractions in some of the Capitals most popular parks.

But we have also designed, planted, and maintained some very intimate floral displays for smaller spaces.  Whether it be a natural oasis outside an appartement building, an inviting entranceway to a storefront, or a secluded getaway in a residential backyard, we can transform your space into something special.

Portable landscape solutions

Even if your outdoor space is limited, you can still create a very inviting, temporary landscape with the creative use of planters and other moveable items.  Once the summer landscape has gone dormant and colder weather moves in, it can be replaced with winter themed, festive, natural evergreen components with accent lighting.

When not in use, we can store the fabricated bases until they can once again be used during the next season.

Turf / Lawn Maintenance

No matter how much or how little turf you need to maintain, we have the equipment and the knowhow to get the job done efficiently.

We are in the process of transforming our equipment form internal combustion gas motors to electric and our team is skilled at working with a high degree of sensitivity for the environment.


Our trees are the lungs of our world.  They purify our air, act as an air conditioner on hot days, provide a windbreak on cold days and, most importantly, beautify our landscape!

We have certified arborists who will ensure that your trees and shrubs are both healthy and structurally sound.

Irrigation installation, maintenance and repair

If you are thinking of installing an irrigation system, or if you have an existing system and need it properly winterized and maintained in the spring, our irrigation crew is knowledgeable, efficient and has all the equipment to maintain and repair any system.

Watering Services

If you have floral beds, planters or trees that require regular watering during the summer months, we have a variety of tanker trucks, operated by folks who have knowledge in horticulture that will ensure your living landscape is adequately and properly hydrated.

Integrated Pest Management

Although we all enjoy a natural environment, there are sometimes little bugs and critters that cause us grief.  Whether your challenge is gypsy moths or rodents, we have the equipment and the knowledgeable staff to protect your landscape in an environmentally friendly manner, without having recourse to noxious chemicals.

Lighting Maintenance

Whether you have functional lighting to ensure safety or ambiance/decorative lighting, we have the staff and lifting equipment (bucket trucks) needed to ensure that your lighting functions as it should 24/7.

Water Feature Maintenance

Our staff is experienced in maintaining a variety of plumbing systems, used in decorative fountains and ponds.  While these are mostly located in large urban parks, we can also maintain smaller commercial and residential water features.

Interior Plant maintenance

Interior plants require maintenance practices which are specific and different from outdoor landscape plant material.  Our team is both skilled and experienced in keeping both your indoor and outdoor plants happy and healthy.

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We are a team of highly dedicated workers focused on quality work.