Snow and ice control

Winter is a challenging time.  Climate change has made the difficult task of ensuring that snow is cleared and removed in a timely manner, much more challenging with significantly wider temperature swings, producing more freeze/thaw cycles, more episodes of freezing rain and heavier snowfalls.

During the Winter, we think of our crews as emergency workers.  We closely monitor environmental radar on a 24/7 basis to anticipate any potential precipitation and be ready to spring into action at the beginning of any system, and staying on top of any accumulation until the storm system has passed and precipitation has been cleared and removed if required.

Grooming and summer trail maintenance

We have both hydrostatic and mechanical winter trail grooming equipment to expertly prepare and maintain both classic and skate ski trails, as well as muti-use winter trails.

Once the snow melts, our trail maintenance crews have the equipment and expertise to undertake summer maintenance on the trails, ensuring vegetation control and erosion prevention.

Crosscountry ski instruction & equipment rental

We operate a cross-country ski rental shop at Mooney’s Bay, in Ottawa, with over 150 sets of classic and skate ski equipment, as well as 50 pair of snowshoes.

We can arrange group outings where we bring the equipment to you anywhere in the Ottawa Gatineau region, providing equipment, instruction and guiding.

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Bring nature in your home.

We don’t cut corners to maximize our profit.